Big Bambu – Stern

On a recent trip to NY I visited the Met roof installation of Big Bambu. Architecture blogs have been boasting this installation as an inspirational place, and a fascinating art piece. I was personally slightly disappointed. I had been lead to believe that the bamboo was actually growing and  constantly being moved and strapped to extend the installation. The structure is actually a mass of dead bamboo sticks, and can only be explored with previously booked tours. The techniques used to tie the bamboo

were not pointed out or emphasized, and no building techniques where explained. No signage, no informational boards. More impressive was the view over looking central park. It was interesting, but only for a moment.


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Founder of Jasper & Peg, a California based clothing line inspired by beautiful, amazing women around the world. My mission is to make people feel loved and beautiful through everyday wearable basics!
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