Level / BIFMA

Last night I went to a presentation about Level and BIFMA certification, presented by IIDA at Allsteel. My good friend Jackie Morque brought me along and it was a good look into what BIFMA means, and what Level does for designers. Level is the umbrella that encompasses all the different certifications we look at for products and furniture for the interiors. It simplifies understanding all the different rating systems, into one single rating system. It is written in everyday lingo, is divided into for easy to understand areas, and makes sense of more than just the end product. BIFMA encompasses the entirety of making a product. As Tom put last night, it is the holistic way of looking at furniture production (and other interior products).

Here is a link to the Level website, with more than enough information to get you started to understanding this new rating system:


This is just another reason that interior designers are so invaluable to the built world that surrounds everyone. We are the people who interpret these rating systems, and then put them to use. We have the people behind the wheel, steering the world onto a better path, that will allow us to keep our beautiful planet longer. We consider all of these topics and more when we design. It is our responsibility to make sure we look at all the aspects of good design, especially when what we decide will affect everyone that comes into contact with a space. Now if only we could get everyone to see it….!

Level / BIFMA Certification


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