How I Put Together Octobers Windows

To incorporate all of the materials I included in the October sampler was not hard at all. I loved creating the pieces for this months windows. I love my job!

First I visited our local creative reuse center, SCRAP, and picked out 20 of the largest frames they had on hand. The gal at the counter gave me a deal on them! For $75.00, each frame came out to be $3.75! I have never seen a deal like that before! They were all different colors and different sizes, so to unify them, I sanded them down, and spray painted them with a high gloss white paint.

Tip: To keep your pointer finger from hurting, invest in a spray paint can handle. It kept my fingers feeling great, because I could use my entire hand to spray, rather than one finger!

Next I visited our local Joann’s, to find black lace by the bolt. Luckily, they were having a sale! 50% off all lace! Again, we got a steal on the fabric, about 19 yards for only $113.

After all the newly white frames had dried, I took the lace fabric and attached pieces to the back of the frames with a simple glue gun. I took a small plastic squeegee to push the lace into the crevis of the frame edge after I squeezed the glue on. I neatly trimmed the lace to create a clean-cut line.

We added another layer of texture with black satin ribbon. I searched online for 2″ satin ribbon and found a website that sold bulk ribbon. We got one 50 yard roll of double-faced black satin ribbon in 2.5″ for only $20! That is definitely a steal and works great with my $100 per window budget! We hung the white frames with this black ribbon, and it looks great!

Beneath each mannequin, I wanted a stage to display all the super cute heels that go in the window displays. So I created an enlarged damask form, added a simple yet elegant border, and cut out quarter circles that mimicked the border. Wallah! A striking, strongly contrasted graphic that works perfectly for the theme of the display! And at $20 each, that adds a great element to windows, but doesn’t break the budget.

All of this came to a grand total of just under $100 per store! I set up a mock display in our workshop to preview what the displays would look like without the mannequins:

And here is what the real displays came out looking like:

October windows were so fun to do!


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