Eye Candy: Glass Bubble Fixtures

These inexpensive glass spheres are sold at a few online retailers. I first saw them as I perused the show room at the downtown CB2 in San Francisco. After seeing how affordable they are, I looked up what others are doing with them on the web. Most of the images I found are pretty similar in idea, but they are just to evocative! I love anything shiny, and add round to it, and clear? Im golden 🙂

Add lights into them!

Change the scale of the bubble and create a more specific placement

Cluster them around a single bulb for a smaller lighting pendant

I have seen hundreds of these used to create a transparent wall in a restaurant. I am still searching for that image! In all the images I found they are used in a similar way, that is except, for Miss Lady Gaga 🙂  I love her innovative use!


About breabumanlag

Founder of Jasper & Peg, a California based clothing line inspired by beautiful, amazing women around the world. My mission is to make people feel loved and beautiful through everyday wearable basics!
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