The Bedroom

So am still pretty obsessed with creating the perfect bedroom, or maybe it would be better to say, everyone should have an amazing space to retire to at the end of every day. When you close your eyes at night the last thing you should be surrounded by (other than love from whomever you choose to share your bed with) is a relaxing, luxurious, well coordinated environment. I don’t care if you have little to no money, or if you have plenty of it to spend on creating the perfect bedroom for you – it can be achieved. So this post is dedicated to the romantic, serene, soothing, clean, bedroom images I have collected recently. ENJOY! And start to dream about how your room can make waking up more beautiful everyday 🙂

We rarely consider the ceiling in a space - how often do you look up? But it seems most obvious that lying in bed we would spend a majority of our time in the room noticing whats above us. This is an example of a designer that completely considered this fact.

A darker scheme than I am usually drawn to, this room is an unexpected blend of contrasting colors. I am pretty sure I am mainly drawn to the piping detail on almost all of the pieces in the room (bedding, stool, walls, headboard)

Ok again with the all white space and finding that pop color that you enjoy the most - this tactic is used here perfectly. The great part about this is if you find yourself tiring of your color choice or want to change things up, simply replace the colored pieces with your new favorite.

Ice grey walls keep this scheme cool and crisp, and the simple paper lantern and minimal two white frames brings the simplicity theme home.

Firstly - I love stripes. Secondly - That small bit of slatted wood wall gives this room an earthly material that works so well with the humbling shade of sage on the walls.


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