The Wish Book – Support Courtney Bird Ziegler

Hello all, I stumbled across this through the amazing Facebook this morning while commuting on BART. I met Courtney my freshman year of college while she worked at the Museum of Modern Art as a concierge – helping people enjoy the city of San Francisco. I met her briefly but somehow we friend-ed each other on Facebook. That was almost 5 years ago and I have not bumped into Courtney again – until this morning. Well bumped into her current dream and goal that is.

Courtney is travelling the world, inspired by a book she read she is making a documentary about the wishes we all have. No matter what country we are in, or what age we are – we all share similar wishes. Please visit this page on kickstarter to learn more about her project and to sponsor her cause.

I backed Courtney with support on Kickstarter – it’s really easy. If you have an Amazon account you can pay directly through Amazon.

I cannot wait to see all that Courtney discovers for us while she travels the world interviewing people who are no so different from us here in the US. Enjoy! And please support her too!


About breabumanlag

Founder of Jasper & Peg, a California based clothing line inspired by beautiful, amazing women around the world. My mission is to make people feel loved and beautiful through everyday wearable basics!
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