Monday Morning Finds – Re-Use Old Bricks

Hello! Please enjoy these lovely ideas for what to do with old bricks. We recently began to work on our yard and uncovered dozens of old bricks in the soil. After deliberating about what to do with them I decided to do a post on what other people have done 🙂

Happy Monday folks!

simple and beautiful, there are so many different kinds of brick out there, but they look so great when brought together into one setting!

another “X” pattern

plant small succulents or add a small tea light and you have table art! Not sure how they dripped out the holes though…

BEAUTIFULLY done! create the chic and classic “X” pattern along a walkway and fill with gravel! Love it

two rows of horizontal bricks, and one row of vertical bricks

a multitude of materials come together to create a striped effect

mis-matched bricks and stones mosaic-ed together create a whimsical feel for this small pathway.

Surround a feature, like this small fountain, with a decorative border of bricks. You dont need very many to do something like this.

These are grey colored stones of some sort, but look aged and worn. Create what is called the “subway” pattern by offsetting the rows of bricks slightly, and fill the crevices with small gravel.

This example is quite a bit more involved! But, it is gorgeous!

create a basic, thin border around your lawn to give definition and separation from the surrounding soil.

Create a chevron pattern and a very thin pathway by using your bricks on an angle

create an arching pattern using bricks, broken stones, and small gravel in between


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