August 2012 – The Month of Inspiration

Hello world!

I know I have been absent for the past few weeks… its been insane! But a blast and a major learning experience. To fill you in a bit I thought I would share some tidbits on what all I have been up to in my spare time 🙂

A few months back my mother encouraged me to pursue a personal love – what most people would call “bedazelling” – we call this Brea-dazelling hah! We attended a tradeshow in San Diego that took the art of applying rhinestones to fabrics to a whole new level. That day after seeing a whole new world of possibilities with these sparkly materials, we decided to jump right in.

Since then we have embarked on our journey to creating beautiful, wearable, comfortable sparkling clothes. It is still just the beginning of the journey and I am so excited to have found a new passion!

After experementing with a few different styles and ideas, we have come closer to find our direction. I am so excited to be introducing our new product to the world! Check out some of these photos we took of our experimentation with Brea-dazzeling some hoodies!

Hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for the photoshoot images that took place shortly after this little pilot project took flight 😉





About breabumanlag

Founder of Jasper & Peg, a California based clothing line inspired by beautiful, amazing women around the world. My mission is to make people feel loved and beautiful through everyday wearable basics!
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2 Responses to August 2012 – The Month of Inspiration

  1. Cheryl says:

    Bre–it looks fabulous! Can’t WAIT to purchase one….or two:)

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