New Paint on the Walls!

Hello loves!

Last night I had the chance to apply some paint swatches to the walls at a clients home – fun! We began working on the design of the entryway to a wonderful home by looking to some existing examples to entryways (check out the entryway post HERE).

After deciding which color scheme we liked best (check out the cool tones entryway post HERE), we ordered four paint samples from C2Paint. C2 is a wonderful paint company that uses ground pigments to create their amazing color palette. They say it best on their about page…

“Our finely ground artist-grade pigments create an unmatched luminosity and depth that make our product less like paint and more like art. We are the first North American paint company to use a European 16-colorant tinting system rather than the 12 used by most others. The addition of four more pigments enhances color vibrancy and coverage. These finer, extra intensely ground pigments create richer, deeper colors similar to a high-definition television or a highly pixilated photograph. Designers, homeowners, architects, paint specialists and our own partnership of C2 dealers all agree that the unique 16-pigment process, combined with the talents of our C2 colorists, gives an unparalleled mystique to our colors.”

C2 Paint chips are also the only paint company in Northern America that actually apply paint to the strip of paper – not print it. So what you see is exactly what you get! Check out their website to buy paint or samples here.

The entryway is currently a warm yellow / corn maze hue, white trim, and a pale blue ceiling. We will be coordinating the color scheme to create overall cool tones. We are going with an icy grey wall, off white trim, and white ceiling.

On the ceiling there will be a lovely painted accent, to bring add some detail and elegance into the space. The wall color carries up a large wide staircase, so we must make sure the color looks great on a few walls!

They shades of grey I chose from C2 to sample are all slightly different – one has a bit more pink, one more green, one more muted brown, and the last more blue. After we see how these colors look throughout the day we will have a better idea as to which icy grey we love the most!

Enjoy! And happy painting folks 🙂


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