Natural Beauty Campaign

Happy Friday world!

I created this natural beauty tank last month because I felt like more people should know what it feels like to love being in their own skin. To inspire others to acknowledge their truly natural beauty, I will be wearing this shirt as often as possible 🙂


The colors came out amazing: the soft yet warm grey combined with a metallic silver and sparkling pink crystal. I created another version of it in a cotton white tank, that looks so pretty too! I can’t wait to make it in a rose gold scheme! I’m thinking a hoodie 🙂

The tank for the girls working on Operation Beautiful!

The tank for the girls working on Operation Beautiful!

The other day on the radio my mom heard a news story about a group of teenage girls in Texas, who made a group at school called “Operation Beautiful”, that encourages girls to come to school bare faced, with no make up. They made this awesome  video, and the atmosphere at the school seems so positive and refreshing! I absolutely love what the student body at Plano Texas High is doing – it is truly beautiful! So we decided to send them a box swag, a bunch of the “Natural Beauty” tanks I designed, to thank them for inspiring and influencing their student body in such a positive way.

Check out their video here!


About breabumanlag

Founder of Jasper & Peg, a California based clothing line inspired by beautiful, amazing women around the world. My mission is to make people feel loved and beautiful through everyday wearable basics!
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